Beach Cleanup!

Today we sorted ALL of the trash from our Beach Cleanup! It was YUCKY! We collected and recorded all of our findings to send to The Ocean Conservancy!

What a GREAT way to start our Saturday! Thank you to all of the GREEN TEAM families who came to our Green Team Beach Cleanup! We picked up SO MUCH TRASH!

Next step – we will analyze all of the items we collected and send that data to The Ocean Conservancy for their studies of International Coastal Cleanups!

Way to go Mary Bragg Green Team ~ Changing the World!

Mary Bragg Green Team Beach Clean Up

Saturday, November 6th

9:00 am to 11:00 am

5400 E Ocean Blvd

(Granada at 54th and Claremont Street)

Parking code: MB1106

Photo by Nathan Cowley on

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