Congratulations Green Team! Our Sister School Team in Abuja was able to purchase 50 desks/chairs and many plants and trees for their school with our donation of $3,220!

We are changing the world!

Feedback from the Judges!

We’re in the news!

Our friends in Abuja sent us this wonderful video of thanks.

We love our connection with them!

Check this out Green Team!

You should be SO PROUD of yourselves!


Grades of Green

Grand Prize WINNERS!


Mary Bragg Green Team!

Today we Zoomed with our Sister School in Abuja, Nigeria!

We’ve learned so much and feel so lucky to be connected!

We Are Finalists!

Hello Climate Solutions Campaign Teams! 

Wow! A BIG Congratulations to ALL the Climate Solutions Campaign participants for another impactful year! 

Our staff at Grades of Green is so incredibly proud of every single team and student for working so hard on the campaign and we are grateful to each and every one of you for choosing to work with us towards your environmental goals. You inspire us every day!

It was VERY difficult to narrow it down, but we have chosen 10 finalists who are in the running to win an Eco-Grant! 

In no particular order, here are the FINALISTS!

Mary Bragg Green Team from Cerritos California

Matungu Community Development and Charity from Nairobi Kenya

Whitney High School from Cerritos California

Joel’s University of Buea Team from Buea Cameroon

Eco Crew from Botahtaung Myanmar

Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School from Bayside New York

Long Beach Poly High School Green Team from Long Beach California

Mira Costa High School Grades of Green Club from Manhattan Beach California

Malezi Community Center Primary School from Nairobi Kenya

For The Love of Frogs from Carlsbad California

Judging is currently underway and we will be announcing the Eco-Grant Winners, live via Zoom on May 26th at 2:30pm PST

Congrats again to all the Campaign Teams, you are ALL Eco Leaders, and we thank you for participating in Grades of Green’s Climate Solutions Campaign and making our world a better place to live. 

With Gratitude,

Robyn and The Grades of Green Team 

Mary Bragg in the Grades of Green news again!


Today we met a Green Team from India.

We learned so much from each other!

Today we found a new butterfly in one of our garden barrels!

Today we learned about Abuja, Nigeria – where our Sister School is located.

Highlighted from Grade of Green again! Scroll down to see news about our

School Sister program

Our Green Team’s beach clean up highlighted by Grades of Green! Scroll down to see…

Green Team activities on Earth Day!

*See more photos by clicking on the “Earth Day” tab!

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on

Today we had a Zoom with our friends in Nairobi, Kenya.

“I enjoyed the meeting and was surprised that they could plant so many trees in 5 days! It was nice to see people so far away.” Justin

“The meeting was very fun and interesting. Eunita was very kind and gave us a lot of info about them. Their English was also very impressive. We learned a lot about them and their culture and I hope to meet with them again (Maybe even go to Africa!) Hailey

“I think the meeting was really fun. I love how Eunita was so nice and was asking us questions.” Caylee

“They were so happy and friendly! The thing that most amazed me was that they planted 5,000 trees in 5 days!” Lauren

“I really liked how no one was afraid to talk to each other. I felt so happy to Zoom with them because they are our friends.” Kiki

“It was such a great experience! They were all so sweet and thankful. I can’t wait to see them again. I think it’s amazing that they are just as passionate about saving the Earth as we are. They are AWESOME!” Emma

“I LOVED the meeting so much! We learned so much about Eunita!” Izzy

Hailey and Emma presenting to Dr. Smart

Emma and Hailey at the staff meeting!

Today we were surprised with popsicles from Ms. Brauer and her class…..thanking Green Team for making the school a more beautiful place with our Pollinator Barrels! Her class is learning all about caterpillars and butterflies right in her barrel.

Thank you so much!

Today we worked on gathering information to share with our sister school in Abuja, Nigeria.


Order your Mary Bragg Green Team Hoodies and Hats!

*Make checks payable to Mary Bragg PTA

Orders due to the office by April 13th.

Today we made posters to wish our friends in Abuja good luck on their exams!

Check out our Sister School Project tab! We have a great connection with new friends in Abuja, Nigeria.

Let’s help the Whitney High School’s Green Team!

Please Sign their petition!

Finally!! Our first meeting in a loooooooooooong while!

We made posters to help convince our classmates to not waste food – only take what they are going to eat.


Mary Bragg Green Team mentioned at the district board meeting!

Thank you to Dr. Eugenio for talking about our Green Team Tree Sale! We appreciate your support!

Emma – letter writing to the district to find out about donating our leftover, safely packaged food.

Perfectly good food being thrown away everyday.

*These pictures are from 1 lunch period.

Dear Mr Smith,

  My name is Emma from the Mary Bragg Elementary School Green Team. I am writing to you because my team is very concerned about how much food we are wasting everyday. We see so much safely packaged foods getting thrown away and wasted. We are wondering if you know when we are going to be able to donate foods to Food Finders again so that it is given to people in need. 

We are very concerned and we hope to get a response from you soon. It is very sad to see all this food getting wasted and we would really like permission to donate. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Thank You!

                                                                                                                                                                                                I look forward to your response,


                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mary Bragg Green Team

Scott SmithTue, Feb 8, 6:34 PM (5 days ago)
to Emma, me

Hi, Emma!  First of all, let me tell you how much I admire the entire Green Team – you do amazing work! Your concern about others who are in need is not surprising, the Green Team is always looking out for others. I understand your concern and I will reach out to our Nutrition Services leadership to see if there’s a way we can resume donating to Food Finders. 

Once I hear back, I will reach out to you and Ms. Flores. 

Thank you for reaching out to me. 



We met, and EXCEEDED, our Tree Sale Goal of 125 trees!

As of today, we’ve sold 131!!

Way to go Green Team!!

Last day to order Green Team Hoodies and Hats – Wednesday, February 16th!

Order your Green Team Swag! Just print out the order form and send it to the office with a check made out to Mary Bragg PTA

Thank you for supporting Green

Izzy and a fact about the rainforest for BBtv!


Our pollinator garden barrels are thriving! Lots of hummingbird sightings!

It’s been a VERY busy January!!

We started preparing for our Fruit Tree Sale by asking for sponsorships.

We received $50 sponsorships from: Carol Uchiyama, Scott Smith, Brad Beach, The Gunn Family, Dr. Smart and Mr. Nishii.

This made it possible for us to give away the first 30 trees for FREE!

Below is our thank you card to each of them. It’s important to show our appreciation!

Mary Bragg now has hummingbird feeders in all of our pollinator barrels!

We have been getting MANY reports of Hummingbird sightings – hopefully we will catch one in action soon!


Please support our Green Team by sponsoring our Tree Sale Event!

Send your donations to:

Mary Bragg Green Team

11501 Bos Street, Cerritos, CA 90703

Tax ID: 95-2380644

Thank you for your support!

With your help we will change the world!

Photo by Michael on

Green Team is hard at work collecting food for families in need on our school district. With the help of Ms. Roa, food collected will be separated and distributed to families throughout our community. If you would like to donate, please make sure what you send in is nonperishable. Items can be brought to the office or to your child’s teacher.

Thank you for supporting Green Team –

Together we are changing the world!


Some photos from our friends in Nairobi!

November 13th

Today we had a Zoom with the Green Team from Nairobi, Kenya! We talked about how to support each other’s projects and change the world! So exciting!!

November 12th

Green Team members CAUGHT picking up trash that doesn’t even belong to them!

November 11th

Today we planted all of our barrels with plants to attract pollinators!


Today we sorted ALL of the trash from our Beach Cleanup! It was YUCKY! We collected and recorded all of our findings to send to The Ocean Conservancy!

Click on our “Beach Cleanup” tab to see more photos!

November 6th

Today Green Team families met at the beach for our first beach cleanup and what a success! We also got to meet our new Grades of Green advisor, Glenn!

*Click on the “Beach Cleanup” tab to see more!

November 4th

Click on the link below to see the Grades of Green video featuring

Izzy, Kiki and Hailey!

October 27th

Omkar and Mit presenting at our staff meeting today! Great job gentlemen!

Pollinator Presentations Continue!

Omkar and Vedant present to Ms. Yabarbo’s 6th graders!

Emily and Mileena present to Mrs. Lee’s 5th graders!

October 25th

Kiki and Alyssa presented to Mrs. Fergusons’ 6th graders!

October 22nd

Great job presenting to Mrs. Keithley’s class Jaeden and Holly!

The Green Team continues their Pollinator Presentations!

Emma and Lauren present to Mrs. Moreno’s kindergarten class

Rayne and Mit present to Ms. Lawrence’s 5th graders

October 21st

Hailey and Olivia present the information on pollinators and why they are important!

So PROUD of the Green Team Pollinator Presentations! So far we have educated TK, Kindergarten, 3rd and 5th grade classes about why we NEED pollinators!

Next up – teachers will select plants for their Pollinator Plant Garden Barrels!

Chloe and Isabella presenting their information on pollinators to 5th graders

All Pollinator teams created their own presentations – Google slides and a script to follow!

October 18th

Chloe and Izzy started our “Pollinator Presentations” today with Mrs. Robillo’s TK class. So PROUD of these girls!

So PROUD of Chloe and Izzy – Teaching the TK class about pollinators!

October 16th

Today we helped to plant trees at the Gold Star Manor in

Long Beach.

 The American Gold Star Manor is a clean, quiet, safe and very affordable senior retirement community on a 25 acres site adjacent to Santa Fe Avenue in West Long Beach.  It provides independent living for 400 Gold Star Mothers, fathers, veterans and other eligible seniors.

*****Check out our “Events” page to see more photos!*****

October 9th

So PROUD of Viccheany, Omkar and Mit at the

Grades of Green Verte 2021 event!

They talked to donors to tell them all about the Award Winning Mary Bragg Green Team!

September 30th

This Thursday we spent time with Ms. Cathy and wrote scripts for BBtv.

Join us for a Tree Planting in Long Beach!

October 16th, 9 am to noon

From the City:

Dear Neighborhood Leaders and Urban Foresters —

I am happy to share that 100 new street trees are coming to West Long Beach.  Volunteers are welcome to help plant and deeply water the trees at this socially-distanced, outdoor tree planting event. 

Come help plant and water the trees! 

American Gold Star Manor Tree Planting

“For All Who Have Made Sacrifices for our Country”

Saturday, October 16, 2021

9 a.m. – noon

Meeting Location:

American Gold Star Manor

3021 Gold Star Drive

Long Beach, CA

The trees will be planted inside the American Gold Star Manor housing complex — a seniors only community – and face masks will be required.  The American Gold Star Manor would like to invite volunteers to plant the trees in memory of beloved servicemembers. The American Gold Star Manor is a clean, quiet, safe and very affordable senior retirement community on a 25 acres site adjacent to Santa Fe Avenue in West Long Beach.  It provides independent living for 400 Gold Star Mothers, fathers, veterans and other eligible seniors.

September 13th

Today we made posters to remind our Bobcat friends not to take milk or utensils unless they really need them.

We are Bobcats…..We are Changing the World!


Trash Free Lunch is HERE! Check out the tab “Trash Free Lunch is Here” to see pictures of our very 1st day! We went from 35 bags of trash daily to just 2 bags of trash and 1 bag of recyclables! We are changing the World!

September 9th

The new Mary Bragg Green Team is now up and running!

We had our first meeting today and discussed our plans for Trash FREE Lunch – which starts NEXT WEEK!

We are going to Change the World!

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