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Green Team Meeting

THIS THURSDAY, September 9th!

Tree Watering! Thank you to the Cruz Family for helping our trees to survive!

June 8th 2021


On the VERY LAST DAY of school – our trees were planted! Now we will have shade on the upper grade side of our school. These trees will be here for many, many, years and every time we drive by Mary Bragg, we will be reminded about our determination to change the world! Way to go Mary Bragg Green Team 2021!

*Check out the tab “Trees! Trees! Trees!” for more photos!

May 29, 2021

Today we met a Green Team from Nairobi, Kenya! Elementary and secondary students 9,631.25 miles apart connecting over their shared commitment to protecting and increasing tree cover and changing the world!

We talked about our projects and the importance of planting trees. We learned about how they work as a team and about the success of their projects. We shared how our team works and even talked about future goals. We decided that we have now formed an International Connection to Change the World!

Thank you to the Nairobi team leaders: Eunita, Berly, Daniella, Sophy, and Vincent

Thank you also to Ms. Cathy and Mrs. Lee for joining our meeting and always supporting our efforts!

Winners! We are so happy! Thank you Ms. Cathy and Grades of Green!

May 27, 2021

*Grades of Green Campaign Winners will be announced

TODAY at 2:30! Our fingers are crossed!

*Saturday at 7:00 am we are meeting with the Green Team from

Nairobi, Kenya!

May 2021


Thank you Mr. Scott Smith – ABCUSD Communications

We completed the Grades of Green 2021 Campaign!

We should be so PROUD! – All three teams completed their projects. We not only accomplished our goals – we surpassed them! We planted trees, (58 of them!) we saved 5 acres of rainforest land, and created this website to keep our community informed and educated!

*We reached out to 95,613 community members!

*We reached out to 842 students!

*Our projects captured 156,082 lbs of carbon dioxide!

*We held an “International Clean the Earth Day!”

*We got approval to plant 3 trees on our Mary Bragg campus!

*We planted 50 trees with “I Dig Long Beach”

*We were highlighted in the Los Cerritos Community Newspaper

*We were highlighted in the ABCUSD Online Community News

*We held a “Beach Clean Up” in Long Beach

*We made posters!

*We made BBtv Commercials!

*We worked with to write 243 letters for their 1 Million Letter Campaign

April 2021

Bragg Elementary Students Help Plant 50 Trees by Scott Smith ABCUSD

The Bragg Elementary School’s Green Team, a group of fourth, fifth and sixth graders dedicated to improving the environment in their community, spent time planting 50 trees on April 10, 2021. Green Team members, joined by their families and teachers, participated in the “I Dig Long Beach” program to plant trees along sidewalks.

“Last school year, our students took on the task of reducing single-use water bottles at our school, and this year we plan to plant trees to help combat climate change and clean the air we breathe,” said Kerry Flores, the Bragg Elementary School teacher who oversees the Green Team. “These students are so creative and dedicated to improving the environment, and I cannot tell you how proud I am of them.”

The Green Team has already made an impact on their school and the ABC Unified School District by helping students and staff transition to refillable water bottles, reducing the use of single-use water bottles by several thousand each year.

April 10th

The Mary Bragg Green Team partnered with the City of Long Beach to plant 50 trees in Long Beach! On Saturday, April 10th, thirty-five Bragg families, friends and staff turned out to help plant 50 Crepe Myrtle trees in a friendly neighborhood of Long Beach! Neighbors were very excited and appreciative to have new trees planted on their parking strip. These new trees will help increase property values, provide shade, clean the air, and provide a canopy and habitat for wildlife!

Thank you to all who participated as well as Ms. Cathy from Grades of Green, Ms. Margaret Madden and Mr. Jim Osgood from the City of Long Beach!

March 2021

*Take 5 minutes and join us!

Reserva’s 1 Million Letter Campaign!

You’re one in a million, and so is your opinion! Our 1 Million Letters campaign makes it possible for you to save the rainforest simply by writing a letter, regardless of your ability to raise or donate money.

Here’s how it works:

1. Write a letter by clicking the link below.
2. Reserva will match your letter with $3 toward Reserva’s youth-funded reserve projects. If we complete the reserve in Ecuador by the time you write your letter, the funds will support the next youth-funded reserve!
3. Then, we’re planning to bring all one million letters to the UN’s Convention on Biological Diversity, so world leaders hear what you have to say.

• For our current project, that means your letter protects an area of Ecuadorian Chocó rainforest about the size of the average classroom! (If we raise enough to complete funding the reserve in Ecuador, your letter’s match will count toward Reserva’s next reserve project—which will be just as exciting and important to endangered species!)

Click Here to Write Your Letter!

*Plant A Tree in Long Beach Event! Saturday – April 10th

Sign up to join our Green Team and plant a tree in Long Beach!

Click here to sign up!

Mary Bragg Green Team Tree Planting Event!
April 10th 9am to Noon in Long Beach. Bring your own gloves and shovel.

(You will be given a map, a waiver, and a planting time beforehand. The tree will be waiting for you, ready to plant!) Sign up NOW!

March 2021

March 13th and 14thClean Up the Earth” Event

Clean up the beach, a park or your neighborhood….take a picture of you and your family with your trash and send it to: and we will post it right here on our “Event Photos” page!

We reach out to experts:

We met with Ms. Lizzy, from the nonprofit, to learn all about organizing events to help plant trees to replenish the environment. Did you know that Mary Bragg uses approximately 12,000 lbs of paper every school year? The Mary Bragg Green Team is determined to plant trees to help offset that amount. We are currently planning a tree planting event. Details soon!zsxz

We met with Ms. Callie Broaddus, from the nonprofit, to learn all about the Youth Land Trust. You should check it out (link below)

At Reserva: The Youth Land Trust, we empower youth to make a measurable difference in the future of our planet, through projects in three impact areas—conservation, education, and storytelling.

February 2021

Grades of Green Kid’s Webinar

January 2021

We decide to take on ALL THREE of Grades of Green project areas:

Discovered that as a school we use about 12,000 lbs of paper a year and decide to focus our projects on trees.

🔊 – Public Education & Action Campaign
🏢 – Institutional Change Campaign
📅 – Event Promotion Campaign
👍 – Program Adoption & Participation

We meet with our mentor, Ms. Cathy, from Grades of Green, to learn about the International Campaign for this year.

2020 – 2021

December 2020

We are the Award Winning Mary Bragg Green Team. Last year we competed in two different campaigns with the non-profit, Grades of Green. These contests were international, competing against teams from all over the world. The teams we were up against were from elementary schools, Middle schools, High schools and even a University!

November 2020

October 2020 Students apply to join the Mary Bragg Green Team. Our team is finalized with over 50, 4th, 5th and 6th grade students! We are ready to change the WORLD!

Our goal was to reduce the number of single use water bottles on our campus. We were successful by educating our community and selling our own Mary Bragg reusable water bottles!

We won $500 and the award of “Community ChangeMakers”

And then the GRAND PRIZE of $1,000 to further our efforts!

Grades of Green Welcome Webinar!

LA County Sanitation Virtual Field Trip

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