Earth Day

Izzy and her family were working in their garden when they found an injured lizard. They are going to help it recover 🙂

Karyn helped pot succulents in used k-cups and yogurt cups and dropped them off at various community plant stands for people to pick up. (What a GREAT idea!)

Carter, cleaning up Hawaii!

The Maglalang girls picking up trash to clean the Earth.

Mit removing weeds in his front yard!

Sabria at the Tulip Festival at Roozengaarde in Skagit County, WA, and The Sunken Garden – Butchart Garden – Victoria, Canada.

Justin’s participation in Earth Day is cleaning up the weeds that are  over growing the  yard!

Rafaela helping the Earth by picking up trash!

Vedant working in the garden planting a variety of plants.

Hailey cleaning her closet and donating clothes!

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