What is a pollinator? Why do we need them?

Click below to watch: Flowers to Fruit: A Pollinator Story

http://nicertube.com/shv3d9 Flowers to Fruit

http://nicertube.com/m9vui0 Pollinators: Putting Food on the Table

Climate change is threatening our pollinators. As the world’s
climate becomes hotter, animal and insect life is stressed.
Winters are shorter and warmer, summers are longer, hotter, and
drier, forest fires and floods are more frequent and extreme.
These conditions are different from what the plants and animals
are adapted to and they struggle to survive. The pollinator
populations (bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, beetles, flies, and
bats) become weak and can’t fight off diseases and parasites.
Also, when spring starts earlier than normal because of a hotter planet, spring flowers bloom and die BEFORE the pollinators have
hatched out. When the pollinators do hatch, the flowers they
have evolved to seek out have already bloomed and faded – so
the plant doesn’t get pollinated and doesn’t make fruits or seed


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