Team #2

Protect Tropical and Old Growth Forests

Hello, and good morning/afternoon/evening. As the Mary Bragg Green Team co-president, I am very proud of what my group achieved this year together. My group focused on protecting tropical and old growth forests. 

First, we wanted to make sure that our school district used forest friendly paper. We were very excited to learn that we do use forest friendly paper throughout our district. 

Next we met with Ms. Broaddus from ReservaYLT and learned many things about her nonprofit organization. We decided to support Reserva and get people to participate in their campaigns such as the “1 Million Letter Campaign” and the “Run for the Rainforest.”

We’re proud to say that we successfully submitted 243 letters for the “1 Million Letter Campaign” and had over 30 people sign up to run for “Run for the Rainforest.” 

What makes me even more proud is that by doing all of this, we’ve done our best to make a change in the world. 


Team Leaders!

Team Leader: Viccheany

Team #2 Hard at work!

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