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Let’s do this Mary Bragg Green Team!

Sign up at ReservaYLT.org and join me on Friday at lunch to walk/jog/run/skip a mile!

If you are not at school, join from home and send me a photo to post!

We are the Mary Bragg Green Team – We Are Changing the World!

Click Here to Sign Up!

*Take 5 minutes and join us!

Reserva’s 1 Million Letter Campaign!

You’re one in a million, and so is your opinion! Our 1 Million Letters campaign makes it possible for you to save the rainforest simply by writing a letter, regardless of your ability to raise or donate money.

Here’s how it works:

1. Write a letter by clicking the link below.
2. Reserva will match your letter with $3 toward Reserva’s youth-funded reserve projects. If we complete the reserve in Ecuador by the time you write your letter, the funds will support the next youth-funded reserve!
3. Then, we’re planning to bring all one million letters to the UN’s Convention on Biological Diversity, so world leaders hear what you have to say.

• For our current project, that means your letter protects an area of Ecuadorian Chocó rainforest about the size of the average classroom! (If we raise enough to complete funding the reserve in Ecuador, your letter’s match will count toward Reserva’s next reserve project—which will be just as exciting and important to endangered species!)

Click Here to Join Us!

Click below to print out your waiver for THIS SATURDAY, April 10th!

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